Treating addictions is one of our specialties and many hundreds of clients have been able to eliminate addictions completely with generally three sessions of hypnosis using our unique methods. Presented here are a few examples: -


Female mid 30’s. Email received from NH “I was in your office around a year ago to quit smoking. I am pleased to tell you that I have not had a cigarette since the first day I left your office”.

Male 60. He was smoking 20 cigarettes a day and had never had a break from smoking since he started at 18. This client had tried all types of treatment without success and reluctantly came for hypnosis stating he was a sceptic about the hypnosis process. He stopped smoking from the first visit and stated a month later that he was no longer a hypnosis sceptic.

Female mid 50’s. She was a very heavy smoker who could not walk to the railway station without serious loss of breath. This is an extract from an email received from her “On a positive note, I am still not smoking. 342 days later...” (LA)

Male 61 and his wife 60. They attended the stop smoking session together. He was smoking up to 70 cigarettes a day and she around 40 per day. He had serious health problems including heart and diabetes. Both stopped from the first session and were amazed at how easy it was.

Male 61. A senior business executive had not stopped smoking since he was 17. His current cigarette intake was 40 per day. He was a total sceptic about hypnosis but decided to try it after drugs and NRT had all failed. After his first session he was convinced he had not been hypnotised. In spite of this he has not smoked since that first session. His opinion about hypnosis has changed.

Male 30. Had tried many times to stop smoking but could not get below 10-15 cigarettes per day. With hypnosis he was able to completely stop smoking from the first visit.

Female 61. She started smoking at the age of 16 and was a pack a day smoker. From the first session she had not had a cigarette and commented that the whole stop smoking for life process was far easier than she had thought. (CP)

Male 45 was smoking in excess of 25 cigarettes a day. He had a very busy company which caused him a great deal of stress and friends that really enjoyed a smoke with their beers. He stopped smoking completely from the first visit. He was able to have a beer with his smoker friends without any desire for cigarettes at all.

There are hundreds of successful cases eliminating smoking using our unique Stop Smoking for Life method. For more information on stopping this dreadful smoking addiction please visit our website:




Male 38. High profile businessman had lost well in excess of $10 million at casinos both in Australia and overseas. He also had a problem with alcohol and wanted this under control so it would not trigger off any more gambling. It has been six weeks since his first visit and he has had no desire to gamble at all. During this time he had actually stayed at the Crown Casino and did not have any urge to gamble. He has had no alcohol for 4 weeks and now feels this is also under control. (JZ)

Male 36. Gambling had started from the age of 17 with poker machines. This progressed to Casinos and high stake betting. He had been to gambling counsellors with no success. He has not gambled for the last two months despite having been to the USA and Hong Kong with business meetings held in Casino hotels and also staying at the Crown Casino in Melbourne. (RB)

Poker Machines / Sports Betting

Female 39. Had been playing the pokies since the age of 17 and had a sizeable credit card debt. She stopped gambling from the first visit and hasn’t gambled for the past nine months. (VB)

Male 30. He was addicted to poker machines from his late teens. The problem increased with returning from long periods away from home due to his job and anxiety in general. He has now been free of gambling for two and a half years. (LR)

Female 37. She was losing an average of $400-$500 per week. Arguments with her partner and declining self-respect brought her to our clinic. She stopped gambling immediately, even attending the local club with friends and felt bored while they played. (RB)

Female 59. She and her partner enjoyed poker machines until she began to play them secretly and started losing hundreds of dollars. From her first hypnotherapy session, she had not played them at all. Even her partner was amazed that she could sit with him in the club while he played and she had no interest in them (he was unaware of just how serious a problem they had been).

Male early 20’s. He was a final year builder’s apprentice when his addiction to sports gambling developed. After drinking with his mates at various hotels he would stay on to gamble. He lost most of his wages until seeking our help.

Male early 30’s. He was a hardworking tradesman with very concerned parents when he sought our help to stop sports gambling in hotels. He was also addicted to marijuana. Both addictions stopped from the first session. Around two years later he came back for some further work on a minor return of gambling following a very stressful work incident interstate. He has reported back that gambling has completely stopped and that he has been free of marijuana for almost three years.

Female 41. She had stolen around $100,000 from her employer to keep her poker machine gambling addiction alive. She would sneak out during the day to various clubs. Her employer found out and her family had to repay the debt to avoid legal action. She stopped gambling from the first session and reported back that she is not even thinking about it anymore. (FD)

Note: Gambling addictions, particularly with poker machines (many hundreds of clients) has been successfully treated with our unique and powerful hypnotherapy sessions. More information can be obtained by calling us on 0401 616 505.



Male 24. After work he went to the local pub and usually stayed until midnight drinking. He became quite violent due to the effects of alcohol and verbally abusive to his girlfriend. He wanted to stop alcohol completely and actually stopped from the first visit. Prior to his final visit a close cousin kept trying to tempt him with alcohol. He wasn’t the least interested. (JA)

Male 38. He was married with a young son. His job was very stressful and he used alcohol to relieve anxiety. He wished to stop drinking alcohol totally. This was achieved from the first session. He had lost his job during the hypnotherapy period but even that stress did not bring back his alcohol addiction. (DP)

Female 36. She was representing a government department involving around two to three dinners and functions per week. She was unable to control the number of glasses of wine she was consuming. She was also drinking excessively when at home. She wanted to be back in control. Following her third session, she was able to limit her alcohol consumption to one to two glasses of light beer only. She reported two months later “Hi Barry, alcohol is no longer an issue” (PB)

Male 27. Alcohol was a severe problem and led to a gambling addiction. His use of alcohol was getting out of control causing concern for his family. He has since reported back that alcohol is now not a problem and his gambling has ceased. (LB)

Female 53. She came from a dysfunctional marriage ending in divorce and had three daughters in their 20’s living with her. Alcohol was becoming a major problem and she was very deceitful in hiding it from her daughters. Following hypnotherapy she had eliminated any alcohol during the week and had very little on the weekends. Her daughters were amazed at the turnaround. (DK)



Female 33. She was addicted to Crystal Meth for many years. The habit was costing her a small fortune and she was unable to hold down regular employment. Following the first hypnosis session she stopped using the drug. She has since secured a well-paid job and is now able to use her skills in the computer industry. (ED)

Male early 40’s. He was addicted to cocaine. The habit was costing around $4000 per week and his previously successful business was rapidly declining. His marriage was also in jeopardy. He was able to end the addiction from the first visit. He reported around six months later that his business was returning a very good profit and his marriage was much better.

Male late 40’s. He was a self-employed contractor and addicted to cocaine. His habit was supported by stealing money from his business. The actual drug dealer was working in his business which made it very difficult to resist the drug. He was able to stop the addiction from the first visit. We then started work on building his self-confidence.

Male 35. He first smoked Cannabis when he was 16. It progressively became more of a habit and then out of control. Now married with small children he wanted to stop it completely. This was achieved from the first session and 5 month later he was still free of it. (DN)

Female 33. She was addicted to Ice and Ecstasy resulting from sexual and physical family abuse. She has not had any drugs or alcohol since her first hypnotherapy visit commenting that she hasn’t even thought of them. (VW)


Anxiety / Stress / Panic Attacks / Depression

Male mid 30’s suffering from panic attacks. He had consulted various psychologists and was on anti-depressant meds. He was very stressed about a medical operation he had to undergo. This is an extract from an email received from him a few months following his operation. “Generally I’m doing alright and without doubt better than I was before which is quite remarkable. Thank you again for your help. After all the things I’ve tried to sort things out and better myself, the hypnotherapy has been the most effective.” (David P)

Male early 40’s. He was experiencing severe stress coming from his own business and dealing with demanding clients. It was affecting his family life and his own health. Following 3 sessions of hypnotherapy he was able to reorganise his work commitments and eliminate a great deal of stress. A visit 6 months later for another matter confirmed that his work stress was still under control. The business had become successful and his relationship with his family had greatly improved. (AB)

Male 18. He was a first year university student suffering from depression and a drug problem. He had the depression problem for around 5 years which was getting worse and caused him to drop his course. His mother reported back after his treatment that he was back at university with no sign of depression or drug usage. This was further confirmed some time later still by a new client referred by the mother. (CJ)

Female 36. She had discovered her boyfriend was cheating on her and started having severe stress and anxiety attacks. These were becoming progressively worse. Following hypnotherapy she reported back that she had moved on, dating several different men. There was no more anxiety. (BG)

Male 58. He left his profession to take care of his mother who had severe dementia. Over the years he became obese and his mobility lessened to the point where he hated leaving his home. Sleeping problems developed as he was always on alert with his mother. Panic attacks and anxiety problems were becoming worse. A former client brought him to the clinic for help.

Male early 40’s. Following a severe business loss and fallout with his family, he started to suffer from debilitating panic attacks. He was unable to even take out his young family to normal weekend activities. He came to hypnosis a year ago after very little relief from anti-depressant medication. He was able to run his own business and become financially independent. More recently, he came back to further help his situation and improve his confidence. (AL)

Note: We specialise in anxiety and addiction problems. For more information on how we can help you please call us on 0401 616 505.


Weight Control / Body Image

Female 40. She had put on a lot of weight and had stopped regular exercise. She was addicted to chocolate and drank too much wine. Her objective was to shed around 10kgs and be a good role model for her children. Following our usual three sessions, she returned 7 months later for a “top-up” session. She had lost 10kgs and was regularly going to the gym. “Barry I’m feeling a lot better now with no chocolate at all and wine only on social occasions” (TP)

Female 29. She had been in depression which was made worse by medication prescribed by a psychiatrist. After finally stopping the anti-depressant meds she had put on extra weight. She wanted to lose 15kg and to feel calmer and more motivated. Two weeks following her first hypnosis session she had lost 3kg and joined a gym. She was less sad, calmer and sleeping better. (HA)

Male 30 felt he was lacking motivation to eat healthy and exercise. He weighed 86kg at the first consultation and wanted to achieve 75kg as his target. At the third consultation his weight had decreased by 5kg. He later reported back that after three months his weight had stabilised at 76kg and in his words life had changed for the better. (AM)

Male 45. He had previously been a client to overcome public speaking fears. This was successful and he then wished to lose weight. Concentrating on motivation he was able to start exercising, made the right food choices and found it difficult to overeat. At the end of the third session he had shed around three kilos and was regularly walking and swimming without any effort.

Female mid 40’s who was eating the wrong type of food and putting on weight. Part of an email received from her “Hi Barry. I am just so excited that I couldn’t wait until Friday’s appointment. I have had no bad carbs, no desire to and no fixated thoughts…” (JE)


Sugar / Chocolate / Confectionery Addictions

Female mid 30’s would nibble her way through a large block of chocolate at night following a stressful day and even more on weekends. It was especially evident when talking on the phone to her friends. It had further developed to eating potato chips and confectionery. “Hi Barry, hypnosis has worked fabulously. Chocolate and snacks are a thing of the past.” Prue

Female 50. She had a long-term sugar addiction involving excessive consumption of chocolates, biscuits and anything sweet. Following the first hypnosis session, she had eaten one peppermint chocolate biscuit and did not enjoy it. (She would normally have eaten the whole pack by herself). Following the final session, she had thrown out all packs of biscuits and sweets. (DS)

Female mid 30’s was constantly snacking on chocolates and anything sweet. She would even eat her children’s left over confectionery. She has not had any chocolate or sweet foods since her first visit which was over four months ago. (RS)

Eating Disorders

Male early 30’s had never eaten vegetables or fruit from a young child. He felt ill at the thought of even trying to taste these foods. Several months after having three sessions of hypnosis, he sent this message. “I couldn’t be happier, can walk into restaurants now and not just eat chicken breast and chips. My appetite is now to try and eat everything and not be fussy about things. I’m eating vegetables now but not in large amounts but testing them. I think 32 years of not eating veg and now my mind wants to try anything. I thank you”. Danny

Male 31. He has never been able to eat vegetables or fruit and as a result was having concerning medical problems. At his second visit he reported that he had eaten vegetables much to the amazement of his family. At his third session he was trying a variety of both fruit and vegetables, even rejecting his normal French fries in a restaurant in favour of vegetables. (DR)

Female 40. She was obsessed by junk food, chocolate and unhealthy foods and had a very poor eating record. After the third session of hypnotherapy she was free of the bad foods and had replaced this with good healthy food choices. She actually shed 4kg of weight in one week alone. (JC)


Fears / Phobias

Fear of Swallowing Tablets

Female 30. She had been unable to swallow tablets since a young child. She had the sensation that they were caught in her throat. All medications had to be crushed and mixed with water which was also a problem for her. She had recently developed a life threatening condition where large tablets were prescribed. Following the first session of hypnosis she was able to swallow the tablets whole. She reported one year later that she was still able to swallow the tablets without even thinking about how she used to be. (HB)

Fear of Dogs

Female 28. She had a terror of dogs and would develop a severe panic attack if they came near her. It had developed into a serious obsessive compulsive disorder where continual washing of her hands was taking place. Her husband wanted to have a dog. Following her second hypnosis session, she was able to meet and play with two large Labrador dogs. There was no OCD problem from this point onwards. Exactly one year later, her husband sent an email containing a photo of his wife with her arms around their own dog. This case study was published in the Spring 2012 issue of “The Australian Clinical Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis Journal”. (RA)

Fear of Flying

Female 29. The fear developed when she was 11 years old flying through a mountain range with the plane experiencing turbulence. She has to visit her family located overseas every year and has to use medication to even attempt to fly. During the long flights she refuses to leave her seat even for bathroom breaks. Following the second hypnotherapy session she had to fly to Melbourne and return to Sydney. She reported that the trip was very pleasant, completely different to how she used to feel. She had no need for any medication. There were even bathroom breaks and she managed to walk in the aircraft with ease. (CL)

Public Speaking

Male 30’s. He was an author and had to do a series of public speaking tours to promote his first book. Email received from him nearly two months later. “I came to you about 20 months ago regarding a fear of public speaking, which was just before my first tour promoting my first book. Well with two tours behind me in Australia and a tour of Europe promoting my work, things are really good with my second book almost ready for publishing. I have to say a big thanks to you brother, for everything you did. I’m so grateful.” (Jason G)

Female 47. She had a major anxiety problem concerning the public speaking content of her managerial job. Her throat always felt constricted and she felt out of control. The problem became so bad that her GP prescribed a powerful calmative drug. With hypnosis there were positive changes from the first session. She had two public speaking engagements during that week and felt confident and in control. (TP)

There are many other cases of success concerning public speaking in both work and private situations. Call us on 0401 616 505 for more information.


Needle Phobia

Female in late 20’s who had to be restrained when even having blood samples taken. She had been like this from a young child. Following the second visit she had to have an injection. She had this with the minimum of fuss.

Fear Of Dentist

Female 57. She had a severe gagging problem set off by any object in her mouth, especially dental implements and even when cleaning her teeth with a toothbrush. This went back to childhood days and as a consequence had an extreme fear of dentists. Following the final session of hypnotherapy she reported that the tension in her jaw had ceased and there was no more gagging. (CO)

Female 30. She loathed going to the dentist and kept delaying her appointments. Having x-rays was a nightmare for her as she gagged and felt sick. Following one session of hypnosis, she attended the dentist. The dentist was amazed at how calm she was and all dental work was easily completed. (LV)

Female late 40’s. She was going overseas for extensive dental surgery and had a horror of dentists. She wanted to be able to relax and not run out of the surgery as was the case in Australia. She reported back that she actually fell asleep during the successful dental procedure using our relaxation technique. (LA)



Trigeminal Neuralgia

This condition is commonly known as the suicide pain due to the sudden unexpected and intense onset of acute pain. It can also be experienced as a continuous chronic pain. A lady in her mid-60’s had been terrified of the next pain episode and had almost become a recluse in her own home. Using self-hypnosis techniques she was able to experience a more normal life style and was better able to handle the pain episodes. This case study was published in “The Australian Clinical Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis Journal”.


Confidence / Self Esteem

Female 25. She was going through self-doubt and constantly comparing herself to others. Her self-esteem and confidence levels were very low. After the third session of hypnotherapy her confidence level was extremely high with others noticing some major positive changes taking place. (AF)

Female mid 40’s. Low self-esteem and confidence over the years had put her into difficult and wrong choice relationships. She stated “I cannot get it into my head that I am a good person”. Following the final therapy session she had ended her current relationship and had moved on with her life. Notable good changes were taking place in both her private and business lives. (KP)


Sexual Problems

Female 31. She had very little sexual interest which was affecting her relationship. Email received from her 4 months later. “I’m feeling more like my old self again, sexually motivated and generally happy and content. I must admit I was a bit sceptical about whether or not hypnotism would work. The way I felt after my first treatment with you was amazing. I could have floated home and I had feelings of hope and that I wasn’t even sure where they came from. I just knew things were going to change. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” ( Meaghan P)

Male 67. His sexual libido had been a problem for the past 10 years following earlier problems of premature ejaculation. He was using Viagra but could only achieve a weak erection and was suffering from some depression. There was no improvement following many visits to a psychologist. Following hypnosis he reported that his sexual feelings and physical response had improved.


Nail Biting

Female 50. This was a habit from her early childhood. She would automatically bite her nails while watching TV, driving the car or reading. She was a school teacher and was extremely embarrassed, and was always trying to hide her hands. She stopped the nail biting from the first visit. (DS)

Male early 30’s. A commercial builder with a successful business had been biting his nails since a young child. He was highly embarrassed about his nails when presenting quotes and plans to his clients. Following the first session of hypnosis he stopped biting his nails. (JR)


Study / Concentration

Male 16. He was having trouble concentrating following earlier bullying episodes at his private school. His grades had been down even though he was a gifted student. He was introduced to our 45/15 study plan and hypnosis to help with relaxation and concentration. Later after the hypnotherapy, his grandmother reported back that he had come first in his Maths and English exams.

We have successfully treated many students from primary school, high school and university to help concentrate on study and to relieve exam-based anxiety.



Female 27. She had been stuttering for as long as she could remember. It was embarrassing for her as she dealt with the public in her job. During the initial session it was difficult to understand her. At the conclusion of the session she was unaware that her speech was without any stuttering at all. She reported back after her final session that she was not stuttering and was able to slow her speech down. (SB)


Trichotillomania (Hair Pulling, twirling)

Female 20. She was diagnosed by a psychiatrist with ADHD when a child. She felt her hair pulling behaviour resulted from all the stress in her life and had become an obsessive compulsive disorder. Following the second hypnotherapy session she had stopped the hair pulling completely and wasn’t even thinking about it.


Anger Management

Male 42. A professional business owner was losing his temper both at his office with staff and at home with his family. He was under severe stress with a growing business and was taking his work problems home which was unfair to his wife and two sons. Following hypnotherapy he re-organised his work place and was able to take the occasional day off. His family were amazed at the transformation. He now attends his sons’ sports events and has a close relationship with the boys and his wife. (AB)

Male 60. A warehouse manager was exploding with his staff and at home with his family, using bad language and an out of control temper. Following just the first visit he was able to control his temper and actually started delegating more to his staff. By the second visit his wife and family were amazed at the results. He had stopped swearing and was developing the skill of becoming assertive rather than angry. (MC)


Sleep Problems / Insomnia

Male mid 30’s. He had started a part-time business which he worked on when returning home from his day job. Although feeling very tired he was unable to sleep and when he did it was a very restless sleep, disturbing his partner. At the end of his therapy she actually telephoned to thank us for his much changed sleep pattern as both were enjoying a good night’s sleep. (JH)


Performance Enhancement / Motivation

Male early 40’s. A weekend triathlon competitor, he was having difficulties with the swimming segment of his sport. It was letting him down with a poor performance. We discovered that a fear factor concerning water was present. This was addressed and he started noting improvements almost immediately. (RW)

Male 54. He had developed a reluctance to engage in activities away from his home (flying, holidays and social). He reported that a major change had taken place with more energy, less anxiety and actually enjoying exercise away from home. (DB)

Female mid 30’s had left her job to start up a company. She was required to study for a particular licence which involved a very intensive and expensive study course. From the first visit she actually started studying despite many months procrastination. She has now completed many study modules well ahead of the required time schedule. (NW)



All of the above case studies and testimonials are genuine. Identities of the clients concerned have been kept confidential for obvious reasons. Disclaimer: Results of hypnotherapy may vary person to person..