Q: What is hypnosis all about?

A: You go into hypnosis many times a day when you have a little daydream. When you watch TV; drive a car; wait for the computer to boot up. It’s simply when the mind switches off. You don’t go to sleep and you’re actually aware of all that is around you. It’s just that you feel so relaxed you feel perfectly safe and secure.


Q: Am I able to be hypnotised?

A: Absolutely. Everybody can be hypnotised, some more easily than others. The only people that have difficulty are those with some types of mental illness. Sometimes children are difficult to hypnotise.


Q: Do you have power over me?

A: Absolutely not. You are always in control. You will never say or do anything you don’t want. Stage hypnotists and film / TV shows give the wrong impression about hypnosis. If you volunteer to go on stage and want to perform silly and embarrassing tricks for an audience then the stage hypnotist looks powerful when in actual fact they are not. We only ever work on what you want to achieve and nothing else.


Q: How will I feel after hypnosis?

A: There is generally no after effect. You may feel a little drowsy for a minute or so but then feel refreshed and ready to go. Hypnosis is completely drug-free and there are no gimmicks.


Q: How will I know if hypnosis is working?

A: Usually it’s the people around you who will first notice the changes taking place. Depending upon what you came for the following may be evident. Your confidence seems to be enhanced; anxiety seems to have vanished; you don’t have a need to smoke, drink or gamble anymore; you just don’t feel like having that piece of cake; your fingernails just seem to look better each day. You get the picture*.

*Disclaimer: Results of hypnotherapy may vary person to person

Hypnosis can be effective for

Quit Smoking
Stop Gambling (poker machines, casino, sports betting etc)
Control or eliminate alcohol
Drugs (marijuana, cocaine and other drug addictions)
Stress / Anxiety / Depression
Weight Loss and Body Shape problems
Food addictions such as chocolates, sweets, etc
Eating Disorders
Low Self Esteem and Lack of Confidence
Public Speaking
Remove Emotional Blocks
Sexual Problems (Male and Female)

Hypnosis can be effective for

Relief from Abuse and Trauma Memories
Behaviour Problems
Eliminate Phobias and Fears

Anger Management
Enhance Performance (Exams / Sports / Study)
Improve Memory / Increase Concentration
Motivation – (Eliminate Negative Feelings)
Resolve Conflict
Relationship problems
Parenting problems
Chronic Pain
Recovery from Illness
Remove negativity
Morning sickness

Think of your mind as two sections. The massive computer part is the Subconscious holding all your memories, experiences, beliefs and behaviours. It can only put out what you have put into it. It doesn’t know right from wrong.

The other part is your Conscious mind which can be likened to the keyboard operator. It was responsible for putting into the Subconscious the bad behaviour, addictions, low confidence issues and all the other problems you now wish to be free of.

Hypnosis helps you stop the interference of the Conscious mind while you deal directly with the Subconscious to “reprogram” what you need to change.